Say Goodbye to the

Quarantine 15 👋🏽 

Give me 30 minutes for 30 days starting Monday, Feb. 15, 2021 

and I'll supercharge your health and fitness goals:

no gym, no equipment, no nonsense! 

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#ByeQ15 👋🏽 focuses on elite live-streamed workouts, healthy eating, and wellness + mindset strategies, plus includes the direct support of Master Coach Lance Angel through our active Facebook community. We start in:









#ByeQ15 👋🏽 is your 100% virtual roadmap. All you have to do is press play.

Effective P.H.A.T. Workouts

Peripheral Heart Action Training workouts utilize a vertical loading circuit training system, alternating between upper and lower body intervals to create intense fat-burning and muscle-generating results.

Increased Strength & Energy 

Eliminate the guesswork and be guided daily by the the best in exercise science, leaving your body and your mind feeling invigorated and powerful, increasing in both daily vitality and functional strength.

Supportive Online Community 

Our private and engaging Facebook Group offers daily support, motivation, and accountability from Master Coach Lance Angel, from the MaxxaFit team, and from your new, worldwide #ByeQ15 👋🏽 family.

Let me be your trainer

Take my 33 years of experience as a celebrity fitness trainer, master presenter, and health segment host and leverage it to make this year your best one yet! 

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What to Expect:

All daily workouts and sessions will be live-streamed in our private #ByeQ15 👋🏽 Facebook Group from 6:45 - 7:15am (EST) starting Friday, January 15, 2021 with the replays being available immediately after.

Workout Training days:

  • Mondays: Whole Body HIIT 
  • Tuesdays: Upper Body & Core
  • Thursdays: Lower Body & Core
  • Fridays: Balance & Posture

Each 30 minute Workout Training day will:

  • Begin with a 3 minute warm-up
  • Progress through four 6 minute circuits, with modifications in each circuit to increase or decrease intensity, then 
  • End with a 3 minute ab circuit
  • INFUSE the MaxxaFit Method (Head, Body, Heart) throughout:
    • M: Meditation while moving
    • A: Affirmations
    • X: EXercise for cardio
    • X: EXercise for strength
    • A: Attitude of your heart

Active Rest days will be:

  • Wednesdays: Walking Meditation
  • Saturdays: Dynamic Stretching
  • Sundays: Habits & Mindfulness

The cost of 30 days of #ByeQ15 👋🏽 sessions is the same price as 1 private session with me.

My passion is helping my clients live a phenomenal quality of life, one that they didn't even know was possible. Together, let's jumpstart results like my personal training clients have had, like:

➡️ Weight-loss,  ➡️ Muscle gain,  ➡️ Increased energy and vitality,  ➡️ Chronic disease management,  ➡️ Greater flexibility and range of motion,  ➡️ Confidence to face the new year, and much more: 


If you're tired of being tired

and ready to gain

all that losing the Quarantine 15

has to offer: 

then let's say

BYE 👋🏽

to the Quarantine 15 together.  It won't be easy, but it's going to be worth it.  By giving me the privilege to be your guide, you won't have to worry about endlessly scrolling through YouTube or searching through Google for the results you've been looking for.

Trust the process that has helped thousands of my clients throughout my 3 decade career. 

I'll see you on the other side of the play button!